Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hates audio cables? Bluetooth to rescue...

 Sounds, Music and Audio. One of those interesting reasons be alive on earth. As interesting as they seems, those clunky wires make them boring!! Technology have progressed so much, yet even today Earphones we prefer are always wired (Wireless headphones may be interesting but until they lose there battery juice. And Come on, we humans are lazy to charge our phones, Newly wanna charge Headphones? - I'm ok with wires) But those wires That we encounter are the fundamental transportation route for audio. Since current is like a river, its needs some path to flow. While these are correct, I was then distracted by Bluetooth A2DP...

 Simply put bluetooth is 2.4GHz open-license wireless protocol, that enables transmission and receiving wireless signal for various forms of data. Even Internet can be accessible through bluetooth (Google, "Bluetooth tethering" to know more!) These wires are most cumbersome ones while we want listen to music in car. Term "Aux Cable" are the audio jack (3.5mm plug) on both sides. People who sat in cars can realize the annoying phones charging cables laying around. Yet another cable for audio just messes thing more! So, I was wandering How to Transmit my audio (On Phone) to Car's music deck, without any cables!, Thats where, comes to rescue!

 Non-electronics people, don't freak out by calling this as Pen drive (USB Flash drive). Simply put this adaptor get +5v Power from deck's USB Port and connect an Aux cable to deck ;-)

  But, Connecting it and small length of wire visible to eyes wasn't great for any electronics engineer. Hence, I wanted to integrate inside my car deck. I ripped off Shield of deck and found board where I was able to solder a USB socket so that this bluetooth adaptor can be right of plugged. (Pics in next blog) Then I cut an Aux cable and exposed which was similar to
 After soldering this Aux cable internally in Stereo's board where AUX Socket is available, I connected USB Dongle inside and for several months, things were really fine. Audio quality was same as manual connection and it was really convenient to listen to music. People use USB drives that plugged in and have music in them. But, In my setup since phone is used to play music, Selection was never a difficult task and updating new tracks was also easy. No Separate copying to USB drive is necessary..

P.S. Project made on 14 Dec 2014 yet blogged little late. I later wanted a Charger in car badly. Which I later added to this deck and updated the bluetooth adaptor too. Continued in new article...

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